There are many shopping streets in Hangzhou There streets are not only for shopping but also for viewing. Hangzhou main shopping streets all have their special characteristics. Main marketplaces mainly locate in Wulinlu and Hubin commercial areas. Hangzhou marketplaces are varied and special too.

Qinghe Fang and Hefang Jie (Street)
Qinghe Fang is east from Zhonghe Lu (Road) and west to Huaguang Xiang (Lane). Qinghe Fang is the name of a block, not only a street, and Hefang Jie belongs to Qinghe Fang Area.
Qinghe Fang is the old block of Hangzhou which has been well preserved and it is a concentration of the centuries-old history and culture of the ancient Hangzhou city. Qinghe Fang has attracted tourists both home and abroad because of the ancient architecture style and folk-custom.
Hefang Jie may be the most convenient and eldest place for souvenir shopping. It is a pedestrian street with tons upon tons of little booths or shops selling various interesting or strange products of Hangzhou. All long this street, you can find fans, woodcarvings, tea, trinkets and silk products, and also teahouse, restaurants, food stalls, etc. Enjoying the buildings as you stroll along the street is quite a unique feeling.

Qinghe Fang and Hefang Jie (Street) Qinghe Fang and Hefang Jie (Street)

Yan An Lu and Wulin Lu
Wulin Lu is a street gathering fashionable lady dresses. A large number of characteristic shores are lined along this road. Wulin Lu reposed in busy area of city center is a featured commercial street collecting shopping, tourism, and entertainment. Many famous suit-dress brand names are from here and walk up to the countrywide cities. Yan An Lu together with Wulin Square is one of the most frequented shopping or hangout areas for Hangzhou locals. Major brand names, chain stores, and top and large malls are here.

Yan An Lu and Wulin Lu Yan An Lu and Wulin Lu

Si Ji Ching Clothes Market
Si Ji Ching is one of the most popular clothes wholesale markets in China and is most well known in Hangzhou. This clothes market is established in 1989 with a grade shopping ambience and convenient transferring and information center. Many retailers from high street shops come and get their stocks topped up. When you are looking for stylish clothes, shoes, bags and so on, you can go there, because t there is an unbelievable amount of clothes on this market. You can choose from these buildings with tons of shops inside.
Textile industry is very developed in Zhejiang Province, and Hangzhou as the capital of Zhejiang certainly becomes one of the distributing center in this province. Si Ji Ching being the retailers paradise, has lower price and has numerous styles of clothes as long as they are produced. You can find anything that caters your fancy including women”s clothes, but also men”s wear and children”s, etc. Strolling in Si Ji Ching Clothes Market, you just need to take with your patient and then you will be back fully loaded.

Si Ji Ching Clothes Market Si Ji Ching Clothes Market

Xin Yi Fang Pedestrian Street
Xin Yi Fang Pedestrian Street is seated in Northern of Hangzhou city-the commercial and cultural center. Xin Yi Fang is a special commercial street like the Hefang Jie in Southern of Hangzhou city. There are restaurants, bars, tea houses, cafes, and recreation grounds, etc. standing along this street.

Xin Yi Fang Pedestrian Street Xin Yi Fang Pedestrian Street